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The team behind the Cambridge African Film Festival (CAFF), in collaboration with Tony Jones and the Cambridge Film Trust, are delighted to bring you a selection of films that display the extraordinary cinematic talent in contemporary Africa.


The longest running African film festival in the United Kingdom is currently in a stage of transition and is proud to be a fixture in the Cambridge Film Festival once again.


Dir: Suhaib Gasmelbari. 2019. 93 minutes. Sudan / France / Germany / Chad / Qatar. Arabic, English, Russian with English subtitles.

Friday 18th Oct 17:30 - Arts Picturehouse

Sunday 20th Oct 13:30 - The Light

Four elderly Sudanese filmmakers are trying to rekindle the flame of film culture in a country where it has been all but extinguished. Although their attempts to re-open an old outdoor cinema are repeatedly thwarted by Kafkaesque bureaucracy and political hostility, the men’s humour, comradeship and sheer love of cinema shine through. This award-winning documentary captivated audiences at this year’s Berlin Film Festival – a truly beguiling, quietly inspiring reminder of cinema’s importance as a communal activity and democratic force.


​Dir: Féerid Boughedir. Starring: Med Hondo, Ousmane Sembene, Issa Ousseini. 1983. 95 mins. France / Tunisia. French with English subtitles.


Monday 21st Oct 17:30 - Arts Picturehouse


We are excited to screen this newly restored print of CAMERA D’AFRIQUE, first featured at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival. Featuring rare footage and interviews with pioneering African filmmakers, well-known Tunisian director Féerid Boughedir explores the rise of independent African cinema in this extraordinary documentary. Despite a lack of funds and support, these filmmakers were able to show the authentic stories and lives of the continent, after decades of Africa being used as an exotic backdrop for western cinema. This extraordinary documentary shows the beginnings of the African film we know today.


Dir: Nicole Schafer. Starring: Enock Alu. 2019. 90 mins. South Africa / Sweden. Mandarin / Chichewa with English Subtitles.


Sunday 20th Oct 18:30 - Arts Picturehouse

Making waves in the international festival circuit, BUDDHA IN AFRICA is a moving observational documentary focused on the experiences of Enock Alu, who has been brought up in a Buddhist orphanage in Malawi. Enock is now at a crossroads; he must decide whether to return to his relatives in a rural village in Malawi or go to school in Taiwan. This is a captivating  story of a young boy’s struggle of trying to hold on to his own culture in a context in which China is seeking to expand its soft power within Africa.


Dir: Perivi Katjavivi, Mpumelelo Mcata. Starring: Lindiwe Matshikiza. 2019. 48 mins. South Africa.

Saturday 19th Oct 15:00 - Arts Picturehouse

Fanon is an ambitious young African filmmaker attending an international film festival. She is desperately looking for a producer to fund her debut feature film but the more that Fanon explores and observes the festival space, the more she begins to question whether she will ever find her place in this world. A brilliant, biting, self-reflexive film working between documentary and fiction, Film Festival Film asks difficult questions about the film industry in relation to race and gender in our contemporary world.