Cambridge african film festival 2012

In 2012, CAFF grew from the previous year, in which it was essentially an arm of Film Africa. This year, a directorial team was put together, a volunteer force gathered and, while still in partnership with Film Africa and therefore sharing films, CAFF also sourced some of its own films to be shown in Cambridge, including films made by High School students in South Africa.

As well as the selection of films, a band from Burkina Faso played a set on the closing night of the festival and throughout the festival, the Arts Picturehouse bar created a special African menu to accompany the films.

Three filmmakers were in attendance at the festival, including legendary Nigerian director, Tunde Kelani, former CAFF director, Sarah Ping Nie Jones (now a filmmaker in her own right) and documentary filmmaker, Kieran Hanson.

Click here to see the festival flyer.