cambridge african film festival 2011

The 2011 Cambridge African Film Festival was the tenth edition of the festival and marked a collaboration with the the Royal African Society's Film Africa - founded by Lindiwe Dovey, the founder of the Cambridge African Film Festival ten years earlier. Through Film Africa, CAFF was able to 'piggy-back' on the larger festival to bring films and filmmakers to Cambridge - actress Dorelia Calmel and director Kamau wa Ndung'u.

Boasting a vibrant and diverse range of both feature and short films to the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse, this signalled a new era for CAFF; although a small festival, the 2011 edition would grow in later years.

In early 2012, CAFF was also pleased to introduce an event outside of the festival circuit - inviting filmmaker Simon Bright to Cambridge to show and discuss his documentary 'Robert Mugabe... What Happened?' which was a sell-out performance.