The Cambridge African Film Festival is back! The longest-running annual African film festival in the UK will celebrate its 13th edition from 1-9 November, offering the best of contemporary African films.

This year all African Film Festivals in the UK will be celebrating the 20 years of democracy in South Africa, in a tour named ‘South Africa at 20: The Freedom Tour’, offering a rich selection of South African films and documentaries. Other than this, CAFF will host a focus on migration, with engaging screenings followed by discussions with guests and academics, and a wide range of films from multiple African continents. For one week, the city of Cambridge will travel to Africa through the lens of African filmmakers, in an environment of discussions and celebration, with music, a photographic exhibition and much more! Must-see! This festival is strongly supported by Cambridge Film Trust, African Picturehouses, Trinity College, as well as the French Society at Trinity College, The African Society of Cambridge University (ASCU), The Humanitarian Centre and Cambridge-Africa Programme. For more information, visit our website: and like our Facebook Page:

We’re more than half way through the festival now, with four films down and two more to go. But this is where it gets even more exciting: the last two films, we’re pleased to say, will be attended by the filmmakers!

Tomorrow night we are proud to be presenting IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN (aka Albino Witchcraft Murderers), following which the director Harry Freeland will attend to answer your questions and to talk about how he ventured into the heart of Tanzania. Unfortunately, while we had planned for the ‘star’ of the film, Josephat Torner, to attend, he won’t be able to make it to Cambridge. It will be a terrific show, nonetheless.

Check out the official website for more information.

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On Wednesday, we feel honoured to be playing the beautiful and heart-wrenching South African film, LUCKY. Following this, director Avie Luthra will be in attendance to discuss the making of the film.

Check out the official website for more information.

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Also on Wednesday, to mark the closing of the festival, Burkina Faso band FOLI GNOUMA will be playing at the cinema. Come along for a drink, and chat with us if you have any questions or comments about the festival, to see out the festival in style!

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We’re nearly half way through the festival already, with SOMETHING NECESSARY (book tickets) playing tonight, and then the FORGOTTEN KINGDOM (book tickets) this weekend.

Tickets can now be purchased for all the films at the festival, including next week’s IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN (book tickets) and LUCKY (book tickets), for which we have the filmmakers attending the screenings.

Also, news just in, our friends FOLIGNOUMA, playing music from Burkino Faso, will be at the closing night of the festival! Come along to see a great film, a chat with the filmmaker and some amazing live music!

The website is now up and running for the Cambridge African Film Festival 2013! We’ll be posting updates here – so check back often as well as the Facebook page.

Remember you can book tickets from the Picturehouse box office or website…

Festival starts tomorrow – see you there!